Facial Recognition Access Control Systems, Installation & Maintenance for Leicestershire & Rutland.

  • Ideal for high traffic environments such as gyms.
  • Ideal for non-touch environments - Covid-19 safe.
  • With 2 cameras - one for white light and one for infrared - it means spoofing is extremely difficult - it won't be fooled by a 2D photo as it checks for 3D face when analysing.
  • Easy to use - intuitive interface
  • High speed matching - identifies faces in less than a second.
  • Up to 20,000 face templates can be stored.
  • Can be used standalone or integrated into access control via software (including Paxton Net2).
  • Built-in MIFARE® DESFire® Card reader & PIN option

Touch-free access control, instant authentication, and robust data protection changes the game for biometric security.  Since COVID-19, facial recognition has become a sought-after solution; touchless technology that identifies and verifies individuals in seconds.

Great for gyms & clubs

Depending on the type of door lock required, a stand-alone option (facial recognition only) for a single door comes installed for around £2000 + VAT. 

All systems installed & maintained in the utmost confidence with quality assured.

Facial Recognition Access Control, Leicestershire & Rutland
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