Some images from our Security Installations including Access Control Systems, Door Entry Intercoms, CCTV Cameras & Automatic Gates.

AES GSM intercom in Black finish

Telguard Optimus GSM intercom & keypad

Flush Comelit Vandalcom video intercom

New 12ft hookback gate

Ajax alarm wireless keypad

Double sliding gate with Roger motors

Videx intercom for school gate

Timber gates with Sub motor for 180° opening

Pallisade metal gates with Roger motors

External turnstile installation

New insides for traffic barrier

Access control system 2-door reader module

Moveable PTZ CCTV dome camera with bracket & plug

Safety edges & external mag-lock

Stately home heavy ornamental gates with Roger motors (1000kg)

Metal gates with Came AXO motors

Bell System DDA Video intercom with high/low CCD camera & button 

Bespoke 7-way audio intercom with internal call (between rooms) capability

Timber gates with Roger motors & Comelit Vandalcom intercom

8-way Videx audio intercom

Came Viro lock on timber gate

Proximity reader & fob

CCTV camera

Slimline mag-lock on internal door

Rack-mounted DVR

Inner Range Concept access control panel & programming keypad

Field gates with Roger motors & Comelit iKall intercom with keypad.

Came ATI motor

Single metal field gate with Came motor

Metal gates with Came Ferni motors

Parabeam driveway alert beam

Solid bar metal gate with Roger motor

Videx IP intercom with keypad

Timber field gate with 230v motor

Surface-mounted keypad for simple access control

5m composite sliding gate with Roger motor

Row of 3 mews cottages with Texecom alarm systems

Metal gates with Came Ferni articulated motors

Metal gates with Came Frog motors 

Videx 4000 Series intercom with code-lock

Metal & timber gates with Roger motors

AES GSM Architectural style intercom

Roger BR21 motor with offset bracket

Vehicle & ped gates with Roger motors

External surface-mounted keypad

Replacement Roger Technology sliding motor

Double gates with Roger Technology motors

10m Sliding gate with fenced-in Roger controls

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